søndag den 3. januar 2010

I've Joined the "A Piece of Me" Game

So I've joined the "A Piece of Me" game started by http://notesfromthetoothfairy.blogspot.com/

I like: that a new year has begun and the days are getting longer
I don't like: the Christmas holiday is over tomorrow
I want you to know: The worst crime is faking it (Curt Cobain)
I've planned: to live a good life
I want to say to someone special: I like it when you visit my blog, and especially when you leave a comment ^.^

1 kommentar:

  1. I don't like the holidays are over that soon as well... blargh, everything back to normal huh..

    and yay for living a good life! I really hope you can do that!

    thanks for joining my little game!